Are you having issues with your home's electrical system?

Are you having issues with your home's electrical system?

We offer circuit panel upgrades in Walker and Baton Rouge, LA

Are your currently trying to remodel your home? Are you possibly adding an addition to your home or an outside living area? When you make big changes like this to the structure of your home it may increase the power demands on the electrical system. Anson Electrical Service offers circuit panel upgrades to make sure your home can supply the power you need.

How to tell your home is in need of an upgrade

Your home has breaker switches to prevent overloaded circuits. However, overloaded wiring can still cause fire or smoke damage. You will notice the various signs your home will give you when you have issues with your circuit panel. The signs your home gives will make you look online to see what is going on. Pick up the phone and give Anson Electrical Service a call. We can make sure your home is taken care of. Some signs to look out for:

  • Flickering lights, can be a result of faulty wiring or having slight shocks when you touch an appliance
  • If you are constantly having to replaces fuses
  • Over use of power strips or extension cords

Whatever your electrical needs may be Anson Electrical Service can help get your home's circuit panel running smoothly so you do not have to deal with any electrical issues. Call us today to discuss our electrical services in Walker and Banton Rouge, LA today!