Spark Change in Your Home

Spark Change in Your Home

Rely on us for electrical installation or repair services in Walker, Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding areas

When the lights go out at your Walker, Baton Rouge, LA area home, you may be tempted to poke around your breaker box to try to figure out what's wrong. But electrical malfunctions are best left to the pros. Turn to a skilled electrician from Anson Electrical Service, Inc. when you need electrical installation or repair work. We can tackle even the toughest problems safely and efficiently.

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When should you replace your outlets?

You probably need an outlet replacement if:

  • Your home is on the older side.
  • Your outlets only have two holes.
  • You're planning to remodel your home.
  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently.
  • You find yourself relying on extension cords.

Find out how an outlet replacement can enhance the safety and functionality of your home in the Walker, Baton Rouge, LA area. Call 504-259-9582 now.